Southern California Water Dialogue Program
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This Web site provides information on the policy issues and projects that are the core priorities for Southern California. Those policy issues and projects include:

Drinking water quality
Groundwater storage and conjunctive use
Water use efficiency [recycled water, conservation (residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional), and desalination (brackish, ocean)]
Water supply reliability
Constructed wetlands


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Other information may include legislation in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., distribution of state and federal funds, court decisions and other agreements that affect water supply and quality.

Mission Statement

Participants in the Southern California Water Dialogue (Water Dialogue) meet voluntarily on a monthly basis to explore water-related issues of vital interest to our region. The Water Dialogue serves as a clearinghouse and advocate for projects, activities, and processes that will improve the quality and reliability of Southern California's water supply.

Who We Are

The Southern California Water Dialogue was established in 1998. The Water Dialogue explores the common interests among Southern California water agencies, environmental organizations, and public interest organizations.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California typically hosts monthly meetings on the fourth Wednesday of the month. These meetings address the management of Southern California's water supply to meet future needs and focus on reliability, water quality, conservation, recycling, storage, conveyance, and watershed management.

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