Southern California Water Dialogue Program
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Steering Committee

The Water Dialogue is guided by a Steering Committee reflecting different interest sectors (e.g. water districts, environmental/public interest groups, and local, regional, and state governmental agencies). Members are chosen from among the eight counties in Southern California. Conner Everts, Southern California Watershed Alliance, and Dee Zinke, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, currently serve as co-chairs of the Steering Committee.

The current Steering Committee members represent Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Delta Stewardship Council, Caltech/JPL/NASA, San Diego County Water Authority, Southern California Watershed Alliance, West Basin Municipal Water District, Central Basin Municipal Water District, Irvine Ranch Water District, Southern California Water Coalition, Western Municipal Water District, Trabuco Canyon Water District, Atwater Consulting Group, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and Parsons. Steering Committee co-chairs are elected by the Steering Committee.

Committee Members


Conner Everts
Southern California Watershed Alliance

Dee Zinke
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


Richard Atwater
Atwater Consulting Group

E.J. Caldwell Esq.,
West Basin Municipal Water District 

Rita Kampalath,
Los Angeles County Chief Sustainability Office

Fred O’Callaghan,

Fernando Paludi,
Trabuco Canyon Water District

Martha Camacho Rodriquez,
Central Basin Municipal Water District

Ryan Shaw,
Western Municipal Water District

Mark Stadler,
San Diego County Water Authority

Peer Swan,
Irvine Ranch Water District

Charley Wilson,
Southern California Water Coalition

Zita Yu,

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