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Meeting Presentations

The following archived presentations are available.

2024 Presentations


Los Angeles County Water Plan

San Bernardino Valley


Building a Resilient Tomorrow Through Innovative Water Management

2022/2023 Winter, Monsoon and Tropical Storm Hillary in the Valley

2023 Los Angeles Aqueduct Water Management


Water Year 2023 Recap and Outlook for 2024

New Approaches to Old Strategies


2023 Presentations

No meeting held.

No meeting held.


LADWP & The Mono Basin

Mono Lake Committee


Securing Our Water Future

No meeting held.

No meeting held.


California’s Multibenefit Land Repurposing Program Overview & Status Update

Bringing groundwater basins into balance:  A status check on SGMA implementation


Breakthrough Agreement Reached on Colorado River Short-Term Cutbacks


One Step Closer to Direct Potable Reuse


Capturing Stormwater – Can’t We Do Better? 


LA’s Groundwater Cleanup Accelerates


From Drought to Flood and Science to Solutions

2022 Presentations


The Colorado River – Adjusting to a Hotter, Drier Future

The Role of Philanthropy Community Foundations in the Colorado River Basin

Southern California Water Dialogue

Crisis, Conflict and Collaboration on the Colorado River


Taking Action Three Approaches to Increasing Water Supply


One Water – Actions To Take Today To Ensure Water Reliability Tomorrow


The 21st Century of Water in Southern California: Living Within Our Means


The Future We Worried About Is Here


The Roll Out of Federal and State Water Funding

2021 Presentations


Investments in Drought-Proofing Are Paying Off in Southern California, But How Long Will Supplies Last if Drought Persists?

Investments in Drought Proofing
How Long Will They Last?

Why San Diego County Is Ready For Drought


Quantification Settlement Agreement and Water Transfer History

The Salton Sea: Environment, Public Health and Economy

IID & Salton Sea

The Salton Sea – Turning Promises Into Projects


Arizona Water Use
Managing Around A Declining Colorado River
Overview of the Colorado River Basin


Water As A Greenhouse Gas


Our Water LA

Emerald Necklace Natural Infrastructure Benefits

Nature-Based Watershed Planning for a Viable Future


2020 Integrated Resources Plan


PFAS and Forever Chemicals: Update on Agency Actions

2020 Presentations


Update on the Proposed Regional Recycled Water Program: A New Source of Water for Southern California


Drought-Prone Chaparral in the Face of Changing Fire Regimes


Integrated Regional Water Management & The Water Resilience Portfolio

Draft Water Resilience Portfolio


Priorities for Climate Adaptation

Division of Drinking Water Addressing Drinking Water Challenges in Urban, Small, and Disadvantaged Communities


2019 Presentations


Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): An Overview

PFAS in Orange County

PFAS A Growing Public Health Crisis


Agricultural-to-Urban Water Conservation Transfers:  IID’s Efficiency Conservation Programs

Enhancing the Reliability of the Colorado River


100% Water Recycling Program

Safeguarding LA’s Inland and Coastal Waters By Enforcing Laws and Empowering Communities

Hyperion Reuse and Groundwater Development Program


Data for Water Use Efficiency and Water Management

The Future of Water Management


Climate Change and Water in Greater LA


2018 Presentations


Vote NO – LA County Measure W, November 6, 2018

Yes on W for Safe and Clean Water


Proposition 3 Is Not The Way To Protect Our Water

Proposition 3 – 2018 November Water Bond Act


Providing Safe, Clean Affordable and Accessible Water through Governance and Service Delivery Solutions

A Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund for California


At the Nexus of Water and Energy: New Innovative Projects that Store and Manage Energy

Clean Power and Electrification Pathway – Southern California Water Dialogue

SoCalREN Public Agency Program


Atmospheric Rivers (ARs): A Global Approach for our Regional Interest


NASA Western Water Office Applications Overview


Wildfires in Southern California: Ecological Impacts and Human Losses

Fire Impacts on Los Angeles County Watersheds

2017 Presentations


2017 Eastern Sierra Runoff Preparation & Operations Los Angeles Aqueduct


Los Angeles Community Choice Energy

Implications of the Changing Energy Supply


The Salton Sea and Southern California's Water Future

Salton Sea Air Quality Mitigation Program

Salton Sea Management Program Phase I: 10-Year Plan Implementation

Salton Sea Authority

The Salton Sea & Southern California's Water Future: Part II


Overview of Colorado River Basin Reservoir Operations

Close Call on the Colorado: The Arizona Perspective

Roundtable Dialogue, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Successes and Challenges on the Colorado River


Base Loading on the State Water Project

LA’s Future Water Supply Reliability


Climate Change in Southern California

As the Rains Come Down, Can Water Conservation Remain a Way of Life?

Supply Reliability Through Efficiency and Drought-Resilient Supplies

The Future of Water Management


Regional Recycled Water Dialogue

2016 Presentations


Surface Storage Investigations System Reoperation Study

Putting New Storage Projects in Perspective Looking at the Dams


State Legislative Update


Water Supply Update

NASA/JPL Earth Science and Water


What will Regulations Look Like After the ‘Emergency’ is Over

Long-Term Water Conservation


Water Dialogue Onsite Reuse

Guidelines for Alternate Water Sources: Indoor and Outdoor Non-Potable Uses

Nexus eWater: Water and Energy Recycling for the home

Onsite Non-Potable Water Uses: Economics and Embedded Energy


California Drinking Water Issues

Drinking Water Quality Under the Microscope: LA County

California’s Tightening Drinking Water Standards: Small Systems and The Point of No Return

State Water Board Division of Drinking Water


Article X Amendment

Solving Problems Where People and Nature Intersect

Stormwater Funding Options

EWMP Funding Efforts by Los Angeles

2015 Presentations


Getting Ready for the Rain

Los Angeles’ Watershed Management Programs

Watershed Planning for Improved Water Quality


2015 IRP Technical Process Draft Results

Overview of the Integrated Water Resources Plan Update

Demographic Future of the Southern California Region


2015 IRP Technical Process Draft Results

Overview of the Integrated Water Resources Plan Update

Demographic Future of the Southern California Region


IRWD’s State Mandated Reduction

2015 Drought Response - Implementing the Inexplicable on the Incredulous


San Juan Capistrano: Is This The End of Tiered Rates?

Allocation-Based Tiered Rate Structures in the Wake of the San Juan Case

Water Pricing for Conservation


Strategies for the Future of Integrated Regional Water Management in California


Colorado River Drought


Water Supply Conditions


Tools for 21st Century Water Management

2014 Presentations


Chino Basin Watermaster


2014 California Water Bond So California Water Dialogue – Tim Quinn

Prop 1 Funding Opportunities for LA – Martin Adams


Residential Water Consumption in Los Angeles: What are the Drivers and are Conservation Measures Working?

Engage. Save. Smile.

Demand-Side Measures for Addressing Water Scarcity and Drought: What Do We Know…

Water Supply Conditions


WaterSMART Basin Study Program

2014 Water Bond Update


Environmental Regulation and Hydraulic Fracturing in California

Hydraulic Fracturing and Energy Production in California


Getting the Most from Every Resource

Sustainable Groundwater Management

NASA Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment


Integrated Environmental Management in the Colorado River Basin―A Dream, or Moving to Reality?

Restoration and Resiliency in the Colorado River Delta

Minute 319 Binational Restoration Projects in the Colorado River Delta

Metropolitan Water District's Pulse Flow


Conservation Rebate Program

How long with the drought last?

2013 Hydrologic Conditions


Regulating Direct Potable Reuse

City of San Diego Potable Reuse Planning

Potable Reuse: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Heading

IPR to DPR: Balancing Treatment, Monitoring and Storage

2013 Presentations


San Fernando Basin Groundwater Remediation & Clean-up Initiatives and Groundwater Replenishment


Heal The Bay's Power of Volunteering

Volunteering and the San Diego River Park Experience

Volunteering with the Sierra Club

June Response to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (Part 2)

Bay Delta Conservation Plan & California Water Issues

Freshwater Flow: The Missing Element in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Presentation by San Diego County Water Authority

A Responsible Alternative to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

May State Overview: Bay Delta Conservation Plan (Part 1)

Overview of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan


Integrated Planning for Stormwater Reuse in an MS4 Permit

Southern California Water Committee Stormwater Capture Opportunities


Climate Change Resources at the Department of Water Resources

Agriculture in Southern California

California's Comprehensive Climate Change Strategy


Tribal Water Challenges: Roadblocks and Opportunities

2012 Presentations


Is There A Path Forward to Direct Potable Reuse?

Advancing Potable Reuse in the San Diego Region:  Opportunities, Public Acceptance and Regulatory Challenges


Assessing the Los Angeles River Watershed

Urban Waters Federal Partnership, LA River Pilot

Friends For The LA River: A Natural River

LA River: Disruptive Technology

Then and Now, From Flood Control to Ecosystem Restoration

Los Angeles River Revitalization "River Stewardship"


Reclamation: Managing Water in the West


You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds: Promoting Water Use Efficiency While Enhancing Revenue Stability

Long Beach Water Department/Review of FY12 Budget

Funding Water Programs: It’s Tough Out There!

2011 Presentations

Surface Reservoir Storage Operations 2011

Making the Most of Our Surface Storage - a San Diego Story
by Amy Chen, SDCWA

Southern California Water Dialogue
by Ed T. de Mesa, US Army Corp of Engineers

Making the Most of Our Surface Storages in Los Angeles County
by Chris Stone, WRD

Metropolitan's Storage Management Approach

San Diego Integrated Regional Watershed

The Promise of IRWMP
by Celeste Cantú, GM, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

Tale of the Orange and the Carrot
by Mary Anne Skorpanish, County of Orange

Managing One Water
by Mark Pestrella, P.E.

Is IRWM More Than a Grant Machine?
by Lynn Rodriguez


The Delta Plan
Joe Grindstaff


Water Quality Associated with Urban Runoff: Sources, Emerging
Issues and Management Approaches

Martha Sutula and Eric Stein

Stormwater Management...not just a water quality issue
Deb Smith, CA RWQCB, LA Region

LA County MS4 Permit Reissuance: New Directions & Strategy
LA Regional Water Quality Control Board

Clean Water...Clean Beaches
LA County Flood Control District


Salinity Management Within The Santa Ana River Watershed
Mark Norton, P.E. LEED AP

History of Salinity Management in Southern California
Richard Atwater

The Salty Truth
Peer A. Swan


Southern California Water Dialogue
Bruce Moore, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Reclamation, Managing Water in West
US Dept. of Interior Bureau of Reclamation

The Colorado River: Partnering for Success
Bill Hasencamp, MWD


Kern Water Bank Authority
Jon Parker, General Manager, Kern Water Bank Authority

Developing Local Resources for Groundwater Replenishment
Robb Whitaker, General Manager, Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Orange County Water District Groundwater Basin
Bill Hunt, Executive Director of Operations, Orange County Water District

Before, During, After the Storm

One Water, One Watershed

The Reasonable Doctrine & Agricultural Water Use Efficiency

2010 Presentations

Water on 2030 

An Alternative for the Delta Stewardship Council

Reclamation – Managing Water in the West – Colorado River Update

The Colorado River: Helping Metropolitan Navigate Through A Water Supply Crisis

Colorado  River Reliability & Resilience: Arizona’s Perspective

Southern Nevada Water Challenges and Solutions

Potential New Recharge in the Chino Basin

Practical Considerations for Stormwater Harvesting and Use

A Clear Blue Future

California's Just and Resilient Water Future

L.A. Historical Water Supply Sources

Debbie Davis, Policy Director
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water

California Water Dialog
Jerry Johns, Deputy Director, Department of Water Resources.

2009 Presentations

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
Gary Yamamoto, Department of Public Health

LBWD’s Conservation Success & Long-term Goals
Matthew Lyons

Strategies on the Ground: Water Independence
Brenden McEneaney

California’s New Normal: A Call for Action
Mindy McIntyre

The 20 Gallon Challenge:  Save Water Now
San Diego County Water Authority

2008 Presentations

October 22, 2008
Bay Delta Conservation Plan Briefing to the Southern California Water Dialogue
Laura King Moon

September 24, 2008
LA RWQCB Basin Plan Litigation
Ken Farfsing

September 24, 2008
Stormwater: Water Supply Opportunity
Rebecca Drayse

September 24, 2008
City of Los Angeles Stormwater Infiltration Program
Mark Hanna

July 23, 2008
Achieving the Governor’s Water Conservation Target
Rick Soehren

July 23, 2008
Conservation – Three Retail Views
Peer Swan

June 25, 2008
Invasive Plants in California - Why Should We Care?
Ellen Mackey

June 25, 2008
Invasive Species in the Delta
Matt Nobriga

June 25, 2008
Invasive Quagga and Zebra Mussels in the West
Ric De Leon

May 28, 2008
Groundwater Assessment Study for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Kathy Kunysz

May 28, 2008
Integrated Regional Water Management Program Update
John K. Woodling

May 28, 2008
Chino Basin Improving Water Supply Reliability
Part 1
Part 2
Ken Manning

April 23, 2008
AB32 California Global Warming Solutions and Scoping Plan
Jon Costantino

2007 Presentations

October 24, 2007
Seawater Desalination Update – Alvin Bautista, P.E.

October 24, 2007
Constructive Water Dialogue - Fawzi Karajeh

September 2007
No Presentations

August 2007
Water Dialogue did not meet

July 25, 2007
A Perfect Drought? – Glen M. MacDonald

July 25, 2007
Preparing for Droughts – Bill Hasencamp

Jun. 27, 2007
Delta Vision - Keith Coolidge Delta Risk Management Strategy
Delta Maps - Action

Feb. 28, 2007
Paying for TMDL Compliance
(3 presentations)
Mike Mullin
Paul Jones
Don Kendall

Jan. 24, 2007
"The Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta: Challenges and Vision" by Joe Grindstaff  

Movie: "Jones Tract Salinity Simulation" 

Movie: "Storm on Twitchell Island Levee" 

Jan. 24, 2007
"Groundwater Basin Assessment Study" by Kathy Kunysz

2006 Presentations

Jan. 25, 2006
Peer Swan
2006 Water Bond & the WRIF, Flood Control, Water Reliability, and Water Quality

Jan. 25, 2006
Jerry Johns
Flood Protection and Clean, Safe, Reliable Water Supply Bond and Financing
Acts of 2006 and 2010

Feb. 22, 2006
Dan Hentschke
All-American Canal Lining Project

June 28, 2006
Robert Twiss, PhD
Planning for the future of The Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta

July 26, 2006
Susan J. Varty
Prop. 84 and Integrated Regional Water Management

Sept. 27, 2006
Prop 50 Integrated Regional Water Management Grants

July 26, 2006
Props 1E and 84
November 2006 Ballot


2005 Presentations

Oct. 26, 2005
Ellen Hanak, Public Policy Inst. of California
California's Water Market: Overall Trends and So. California's Role

Sept. 28, 2005
California Water Transfers 101

Dialogue (Kern County Water District)

Central Valley Water Transfers

April 27, 2005
Dorothy Green, California Water Impact Network
Toward a Sustainable Water Future

March 22, 2005
Fran Spivy-Weber
Southern California Drinking Water Quality Planning

Jared W. Huffman, Senior Attorney and San Joaquin River Restoration Project Manager, Natural Resources Defense Council
Restoring the San Joaquin River: Update and Perspectives from the Environmental and Fishing Community

Greg Wilkinson, Attorney with Best, Best & Krieger,
representing the Friant Water Users
Rewatering the San Joaquin

March 2, 2005
Patrick Wright
CALFED Bay-Delta Program

Randall Neudeck
Financing the CALFED Bay-Delta Program

January 18, 2005
Vic Bapna, LACDPW
Sun Valley Watershed

John Woodling, DWR
Proposition 50, Ch. 8, Integrated Regional Water Management
Update on Proposal Soliciation Package

2004 Presentations

October 19, 2004
Dave Jones, V.P., CH2M HILL - Funding TMDL Compliance

Paula Daniels, President, Heal the Bay, "Proposition O"
To learn more about Prop O, "The Clean Water, Ocean, River, Beach, Bay Stormwater Cleanup Measure," visit the following sites:

September 21, 2004
Supporting materials for the meeting's Legislative Update
CALFED Bill Summary
CALFED Substitute
Proposed changes

July 20, 2004
"Current Challenges and Issues in Water Conservation"
Mary Ann Dickinson
Executive Director, California Urban Water Conservation Council

CALFED Finance Planning
Presentation by: Kate Hansel, Assistant Director for Policy & Finance, California Bay-Delta Authority

May 18, 2004
Water Supply Planning

Presentation by: Ed Casey, Managing Partner, Weston Benshoof

April 20, 2004
MWD Updated Integrated Resource Plan

Presentation by: Adan Ortega, MWD

April 2, 2004
Delta Improvements Package (PDF file, 42 pages, 15 MB)

Presentation by: Jerry Johns, DWR
Dave Fullerton, MWD

February 17, 2004
Prop 50 Chapter 8 Presentation (DWR/SWRCB)

2003 Presentations

October 21, 2003
Proposition 50 Implementation and Ranking Criteria, DHS, Gary Yamamoto

September 16, 2003
"Birds and the Salton Sea: An exploration of the importance of the Salton Sea and associated ecosystems to birds: a global and regional perspective"
Daniel S. Cooper, M.Sc. (University of California, Riverside)
Director of Bird Conservation, California Audubon
Quantification Settlement Agreement Update
Presentation by Jeff Kightlinger, MWD General Counsel
Status of Proposition 50 Implementation
Presentation by John Woodling, Principal Geologist, CA Department of Water Resources

July 15, 2003
An Edited Dialogue Outreach Presentation July 2003
Update on CALFED and the State Water Project (based on information from Tim Quinn, MWDSC)
Water Conservation - Thomas Gackstetter, LADWP
Recycled Water - Darryl Miller (WBMWD)
Groundwater Storage/Conjunctive Use - Virginia Grebbien (OCWD)
Brackish water and brine lines - Don Kendall (Calleguas MWD)
Desalination - Bill Jacoby (SDCWA)
Watershed Management - Rich Harter (LASGRWC)
Water Quality - Contaminants and Exchanges - Brad Coffey (MWD)

June 17, 2003
Water Desalination Task Force Information

May 20, 2003
Water Supply and the Future
California's Groundwater, Bulletin 118 – Update 2003

April 15, 2003
Total Maximum Daily Loads in Los Angeles County

February 18, 2003
Disinfection By-Products and the State Water Project
Optimum Basin Management Program
Perchlorate Contamination in the Inland Empire
MTBE and the Restoration of the City Santa Monica's Public Water System

Presentations & Webinars

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